Health and Safety Training we offer

Every employer needs to provide training and instructions to their employees to ensure that they are able to carry out their tasks safely and without risks to health. Training is helping and showing employees what they should and should not do when they carry out their workplace activities. Employees should be suitably trained in all aspects of their job from the most menial to the riskiest activities in the workplace.

Suitable employee training can reduce workplace incidents and accidents which in turn can lead to reduced costs, lower insurance premiums and fewer potential lawsuits. It would also promote a healthier, safer and happier workforce.

Workplace instruction can be carried out in various ways, it could be a written document such as a method statement, or it could be verbal communication from a line manager or colleague.

Isiviko Health & Safety will assist in the following:

  • Establish who needs health and safety training
  • Types of health and safety training needed
  • Sourcing of health and safety training provider
  • Facilitating the health and safety training