Use Equipment Properly

Always take the proper precautions when operating machinery or using tools. Taking shortcuts is a leading cause of workplace injuries. Use the appropriate tool for the job, and use it in the right way. When using tools and machinery, put safety first with the following tips:

Only use machinery you are trained and authorized to use.
Keep tools clean and in good working order.
Organize tools and always return them to their proper place.
Make sure the machine operator sees you, don’t approach from a blind spot or from behind.
Only perform tasks you have been properly trained to perform.
Never leave machinery unattended while it is running.
Always obey operating instructions.
Never remove or tamper with safety guards.
If something seems wrong, immediately stop the machine and get assistance.
Communicate with those around you.
Never walk in front of heavy equipment.
Read and follow all labels and instructions.
Don’t tamper with hazardous items, including cords, switches and electric controls.
Wear appropriate and compact clothing; loose, billowing clothing and accessories can easily get caught in moving parts.
Never place fingers or other objects into moving machinery.
Turn off equipment before moving, cleaning, adjusting, oiling or un-jamming.

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